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Dear Friend,

To know me is to know Zora Neale Hurston is among my favorite writers in the American literary tradition. My admiration of Hurston's work is rooted in her refusal to grow complacent as a scholar-artist, evidenced by her unyielding pursuit to better understand the complexities that enrich and complicate communities, cultures, the world, and self. In her autobiography Dust Tracks on A Road, Hurston reflects, "I do not weep at the world - I am too busy sharpening my oyster knife." As I consider my roles as an education scholar-practitioner and pianist, I respond, simply: "Me, too, Zora."

My formal training is in Western classical piano music, although I also enjoy playing repertoire in other genres, namely musical theater, pop, gospel, and jazz. Despite having played piano for over 20 years, I continue to take lessons from expert pianists to advance my technical skills and musicality.

Based in NYC, I enjoy exploring the city, continuing my studies in classical piano, reading, and listening to everything from Bach to Beyoncé. 

Whether in the classroom or during a music lesson, teaching and learning excites me. I look forward to our work together.

From my desk to your heart,

MarQuis (he/him)

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